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Membership Application & Renewal Form

Please complete the following Registration form and Gift Aid Declaration, and then click on the red Send button.

Then pay your subscription to Poole u3a’s new bank account (Account name: POOLE U3A, sort code: 52-10-20, account no: 11055391 – please note these details are different from last year) quoting the reference code (see below) within 2 working days.

Subscriptions for the year 1 September 2022 – 31 August 2023:

NB: Details of our refund policy are given in Delphinus or here


    Section A - Registration
    I wish to join / re-register with Poole u3a and my subscription is (see above):
    £ (required)
    Please quote the following reference code when making your payment:
    You may want to jot down this code now.
    Are you already a Poole u3a member? (required)

    Title: (required)
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    First name (or name by which you wish to be known): (required)
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    Email address: (required)
    Are you a Class leader, Committee member, or Class advisor? If so, please give details:
    Please notify the Poole u3a Office if you change your name, address, phone number or email address


    Section B - Gift Aid Declaration Form
    Please complete the Gift Aid Declaration below. The Income Tax we reclaim is vital to Poole u3a and that is why we must ask you to complete, sign and date it every year.
    If you pay Income Tax you can help Poole u3a to claim Gift Aid on your u3a subscription. It costs you nothing but, for every pound you pay, we can reclaim an extra 25p from HM Revenue and Customs. So, for your £65 annual subscription we will have an extra £16.25 of vital funding. All you have to do is complete and sign the Gift Aid Declaration below. You can cancel your declaration at any time.
    Gift Aid Declaration: I confirm that I pay UK Income Tax and would like Poole u3a to treat my membership subscription and all subscriptions I have made since April 2008, until I notify Poole u3a otherwise, as Gift Aid donations. I confirm that I have paid sufficient tax to cover the amount that Poole u3a will claim back. (required)
    Today's date: (required)
    You must pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax that Poole u3a reclaims on your subscription in the current tax year (25p for each £1 you pay). If, in the future, your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax on your income (and/or capital gains tax) equal to the tax that Poole u3a reclaims, you should cancel your declaration.


    Section C - Privacy Statement
    Your membership of Poole u3a allows us to maintain a computer database of the personal information you have supplied on this form and the details of the classes you have chosen to attend. The database is used for producing mailing labels, class lists, the programme and accurate statistics. Only the Poole u3a office and some members of Poole u3a Committee will use the database.
    The information held by us will only be shared with:

    (i) Poole u3a’s electronic-mailing company to facilitate email communication to you.
    (ii) The Third Age Trust (TAT), the national office to which all u3as are affiliated, which uses an external company to send you their publications ‘Third Age Matters’ and ‘Sources’
    (iii) HMRC in the course of mandatory financial management (e.g. Gift Aid).

    You can update your data at any time or request that your data should not be used for either electronic-mailing or the direct mailing of TAT magazines by contacting Poole u3a Office on 01202 678113 or email pooleu3a@gmail.com.

    I consent to Poole u3a securely recording my personal details given on this form for the purposes described above (required)
    Do you wish to receive copies of our Monthly Newsletter (email only)? (required)
    How do you wish to receive copies of 'Delphinus' (Poole u3a magazine)? (required)
    Do you wish to receive copies of the Third Age Trust magazines (Third Age Matters & Sources)? (required)


    Section D - Classes
    Please indicate the number(s) of the class(es) you wish to attend. You have up to 3 choices plus a reserve. NB: Our walks and talks are not included in this section so you can go to these at any time extra to classes.

    • Members can choose up to 3 classes (but only a maximum of two classes in any one subject or activity)
    • Class Leaders do not need to count the class they lead as one of their 3 choices
    • Please put your 1st choice of class as number 1, then 2nd choice as number 2 etc
    • Class numbers are shown on the class lists in Delphinus and on the Poole u3a website
    • Reserve class – you can enter a 4th choice in case any of your first three are already full

    Please indicate here if only joining for walks/talks/day trips/lunches:

    1a. Class Number:
    1b. Your alternative (of the same subject) if the above class is full (Number):

    2a. Class Number:
    2b. Your alternative (of the same subject) if the above class is full (Number):

    3a. Class Number:
    3b. Your alternative (of the same subject) if the above class is full (Number):

    4. Reserve Class Number:

    Would you be interested in leading a class? If so, on what subject?


    Any comments you want to add before sending?
    When complete, please click on the Send button >>> (After clicking on the Send button, a message should appear below this paragraph stating that the form has been successfully sent and you should also shortly receive a confirmatory email. NB: If you do not see the message or receive the confirmatory email, please check that you have completed all the 'required' fields and your email address is shown correctly.)

    Once you have received the confirmatory email, please pay your subscription to Poole u3a’s new bank account (Account name: POOLE U3A, sort code: 52-10-20, account no: 11055391 - please note these details are different from last year) quoting the reference code above within 2 working days. (If you have not received the confirmatory email after 1 hour, please email the Online Application Manager [officepooleu3a@gmail.com] with details including your 4 letter reference code.)

    Please note - each member must complete a separate application form, but two subscriptions may be paid in a single payment by quoting both reference codes, e.g. ABCD & EFGH. NB: Before completing the second member’s application form, please refresh the web page to ensure you get a new reference code.

    Processing starts at the beginning of August. Membership cards will start being sent out in the 2nd half of August and will show your new membership number as well as the numbers of the classes that you have been allocated a place at. Once all the applications have been processed, an email will be sent to all members offering a 4th class from the list of spare places.

    Thank you for completing this form and joining / rejoining Poole u3a

    Poole u3a – Refund Policy

    In the event that there are no places available at any of the chosen classes, the applicant will be contacted and asked whether you wish your application to go ahead on the basis that –
    (i) you would be able to attend non-class activities such as walks, talks and visits;
    (ii) you would be placed on the waiting lists for vacancies at the 3 classes that you have chosen originally, as well as for all other class vacancies. Details of these vacancies will be notified to applicants on a first come basis, as soon as possible after week 4 of each new term.
    We will do all we can to satisfy each applicant’s requirements, but failing that you may as a last resort opt to receive a full refund of your subscription.

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